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Bio: Brandon Scott is a versatile actor and a well known stage magician, and illusionist who interweaves storytelling with magic, quantum physics, and metaphysics. Brandon has been involved in paranormal investigations for most of his life and utilizes his knowledge of magic and illusion to help determine whether a phenomena or claim is real or a hoax.

Show Blurb: Stage magicians have allured audiences, through the art of illusion, for centuries. No matter the prop or routine, the illusionistís true skill is influencing the audience to questions their notion of reality. These same techniques have been used by charlatans and hoaxers who claim to have a paranormal connection. Despite the trickery, many people have had their own genuine paranormal encounters. Where do the illusions end and the paranormal begin? Brandon Scott offers intriguing answers from his perspective as a professional illusionist who also investigates paranormal phenomena in this interview with George Noory originally webcast August 9, 2013

BRANDON Description: strives to create a more awake, aware and alive global community. Our curated library of streaming videos delivers the best in online yoga, fitness and personal wellness as well as provocative interviews, alternative news and thought-provoking documentaries. Beyond Belief: Join Coast to Coast AMís George Noory for dynamic discussions on paranormal phenomena, conspiracies and all things unexplained. New episodes Fridays at 7 pm ET. Past episodes on demand daily.